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Rugby great helps Wales’ top doctor ‘convert’ workers’ health and well-being

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Jewell was joined by rugby great Paul Thorburn in the Millennium Stadium to promote the Health at Work Advice Line Wales.
Tuesday 14 February 2012

Paul, a former full-back who captained Wales, is now an external business development consultant and is endorsing the Health at Work Advice Line Wales as he sees first-hand the benefits brought to a business by taking care of the workforce.

Known for the longest successful kick in an international test match, measuring exactly 70 yards 8 and a half inches (64.2m) against Scotland, Paul joined Dr Tony Jewell to back the use of the Health at Work Advice Line on Tuesday 14th February.

He said,

“Owners and managers of small businesses don’t have the luxury of large occupational health departments to support them on matters of their workforce’s health.

“The Health and Work Advice Line is an important resource for small businesses. By accessing it, they can show their members of staff they are valued. This increases morale and can lead to better productivity.

“I’m pleased to endorse a service that actively encourages and motivates businesses and employees to focus on and support those facing the important issue of health at work.”

Dr Tony Jewell said,

“The Welsh Government’s workplace health programme, ‘Healthy Working Wales’, promotes the concept of ‘good work’. We know that ‘good employers’ will have a happy, healthy and productive workforce and this contributes both to the wider efforts to improve the health of our working-age population and to the wealth of Wales.  

“The Health at Work Advice Line is a free service which offers small businesses, organisations and their employers, in all sectors, with health at work advice over the telephone. The Advice Line offers free confidential and professional advice on any occupational, physical or mental health issue. GPs can also access the service for advice and support on issues affecting individual patients including the Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note).”



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