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New NHS student bursary arrangements

All students on NHS-funded courses in Wales will have access to the same package of financial support under new arrangements from September 2012.
Thursday 20 October 2011

Changes to the NHS bursary scheme in England were announced in July this year. Since then, the implications of the changes in England on the bursary system in Wales has been considered fully by the Welsh Government, and discussed with Welsh stakeholders.

It has been decided that the following arrangements will apply in Wales from September 2012, in line with the arrangements in England:

  • New students will receive a non-means tested grant of £1,000
  • A means tested bursary of up to £4,395
  • Access to additional support in the form of a maintenance loan of up to £2,324 (up to a lower rate of £1,811 in the final year of study).

In addition to the basic bursary, students can apply for a number of additional allowances if they meet specific criteria. These allowances provide support to disabled students and additional support for students with dependent adults and children. These allowances will remain unchanged from the current arrangements. The NHS will continue to pay all course fees.

Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said:

“The provision of equitable and affordable support to students to undertake health training for NHS Wales is of critical importance.

“The new arrangements mean that all healthcare students are treated the same and those with the lowest incomes will be able to access the most support.”

Education Minister Leighton Andrews added:

“We firmly believe that access to higher education should be on the basis of the individual’s potential to benefit, and not on the basis of what they can afford to pay. The support we are offering to students who want to undertake health training for the NHS in Wales is a clear example of this commitment.”



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