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First Minister calls for full risk assessment into Coastguard Station plans

The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, has called on the UK Government to undertake an independent assessment of the risks associated with their proposed closure of the Swansea Coastguard Station.
Friday 02 March 2012

Following a meeting with the cross-party Save the Swansea Coastguard group, the First Minister said:

"The decision by the UK Government to close Swansea Coastguard Station has been met with considerable concern across Wales - with virtually unanimous opposition from across the political community. The route they have chosen will put pressure on emergency services and potentially put lives at risk.

"It is vital that a decision of this magnitude is based on a full and objective analysis of all the factors involved - and that is why I have written to Mike Penning, the Under Secretary of State for Transport, to offer to jointly fund a new and independent risk assessment into these plans.

"Maritime issues fall outside of the Welsh Government's area of control, but I would be prepared to jointly finance such a review given the importance of this matter to the coastal waters stretching around the Bristol Channel, Swansea Bay and beyond.

"This new independent risk assessment should consider the impact of the planned closure by the UK Government on maritime and coastal safety, as well as the impact on tourism. The risk assessment should also take into account the impact closure would have on the viability of the Welsh Government's future inward investment aspirations in South West Wales and the potential for significant job creation."

The First Minister once again highlighted his commitment to maintaining pressure on Ministers in London to retain all three coastguard stations in Wales.

"The Welsh Government will continue to take whatever steps necessary to maintain pressure on the UK Government to re-consider its plans to close this essential facility. It is vital that any decision of this magnitude is based on full and objective analysis of all of the factors affected by the proposed closure."



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