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23 February 2017
A graduate programme helping to develop and retain industry professionals and future leaders in Wales’ financial services sector is being extended following a £1m EU funding boost.
21 February 2017
More than €1m of EU funds will be invested in a new project to support the growth of the shellfish industry in Wales and Ireland.
17 February 2017
A new £5m fund to help deliver better services and generate savings in the Welsh public sector has been launched by Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford.
14 February 2017
The UK Government has failed to provide devolved administrations with necessary information or clarity on how exiting the EU will impact their economies and budgets
13 February 2017
Kathryn Bishop is the Welsh Government’s preferred candidate to become the first chair of the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA), Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford has announced.
09 February 2017
Mark Drakeford meets European Investment Bank to discuss infrastructure investment opportunities in Wales
28 January 2017
A £13m EU funding boost to help put Cardiff University’s Institute for Compound Semiconductors at the forefront of 21st Century technologies has been announced.
20 January 2017
The UK Government should abandon plans to impose a £3.5bn of further cuts in 2019-20
11 January 2017
More than €4m of EU funds will help to safeguard heritage and coastal tourism sites in Wales and Ireland from the risks of climate change.
20 December 2016
An additional £136m has been confirmed for affordable housing development, flooding schemes and regeneration projects across Wales in the final budget 2017-18.
19 December 2016
The new fiscal framework for the Welsh Government has been agreed between the UK and Welsh governments.
16 December 2016
A £1m EU funding boost for a Port Talbot company investing in major rail, oil and gas schemes has been welcomed by Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford.
13 December 2016
Communities affected by the disposal of waste to landfill will benefit from a new scheme when landfill disposals tax is introduced in April 2018.
02 December 2016
More than £1bn of EU structural funds have been invested in schemes across Wales
30 November 2016
Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford is inviting people to apply to become the first chair and members of the board of the new Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA).
28 November 2016
A new Bill, expected to be laid before the National Assembly today, will introduce the second tax to be devolved to Wales – landfill disposals tax – in April 2018.
24 November 2016
A project to improve the skills and job prospects of people from ethnic minority and migrant communities will be expanded following a £570,000 EU funding boost.
23 November 2016
“Although today’s announcement doesn’t go as far as we had hoped, this extra investment goes some way to restoring the cuts we have seen to our capital budget over recent years."
20 November 2016
The Welsh Government has called on the UK Government to boost infrastructure investment and end its policy of austerity in order to support growth in Wales.
17 November 2016
Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford has welcomed official UK Government figures which show Wales continues to invest more in key public services.
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