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Welsh recycling rates continue to rise

People in Wales recycled 54% of their waste between July and September 2012.
Thursday 14 February 2013

New figures show there has been a three percent rise in recycling rates compared to the same three months in 2011/12 and a one percent increase when compared to the previous three months (April – June 2012).

Conwy topped the table, recycling 60% of its waste during the second quarter of 2012/13, followed by Anglesey, Wrexham, Ceredigion, Caerphilly and Monmouthshire, who all recycled 59% of their rubbish.

Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil reported the biggest rise in their recycling rates when compared with the same quarter in 2011, with increases of 17 and 14 percent respectively, thanks to improvements to their recycling collection systems.  

Environment and Sustainable Development Minister, John Griffiths, said:

“With the UK’s highest recycling rate, Wales is leading the way in effective waste management.

“Our rising recycling rates are largely the result of the funding we have provided councils to improve their collection services and the way that they have managed these changes. It is also thanks to the commitment of people right cross Wales who are choosing to take a few extra minutes each week to separate out and recycle their waste, rather than throwing everything into the bin.”

The Welsh Government’s overarching waste strategy, Towards Zero Waste, set ambitious targets of recycling 52 percent of Wales’s waste by 2012/13 and 70 percent by 2024/25. These statistics show that Wales remains on track to meet its first statutory target.

The Minister added:

“Wales has come a long way in the way we deal with our waste, although we still have some way to go if we are to continue to achieve our ambitious recycling targets. I am confident that the people of Wales will rise to the challenge and take action to harness the value of all of Wales’s recycled material to protect our environment and boost our economy.”

Environment Agency Wales monitors the performance of local authorities and validates the amount of waste they collect that is recycled, re-used or composted to help them demonstrate compliance with statutory Welsh Government targets.



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