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Give Glastir a go

Changes that have made Glastir more accessible are now in full effect, but time is running out to join.
Monday 16 April 2012

The extended deadline for submitting Glastir All Wales Element applications (for a contract commencing in 2013) is 23 April 2012.

Since the last application round, a number of significant improvements have been made- if you were one of the farmers who was unable to reach your points threshold in 2012, we’d strongly advise you to try again with the new electronic scorecard on our website, you may well be pleasantly surprised.    

If you considered joining Glastir previously, you should be aware that things have changed- did you know that the average number of AWE Options a farmer had to take up in 2012 to achieve the required points threshold was only four?

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Alun Davies, said:

"Many of the changes made to the design and processes mean Glastir is significantly more attractive and accessible to farmers at this point.  Points for individual scheme options are higher, the overall payment rate per hectare is higher and the paperwork has been reduced.

"Glastir is a vital element in the Welsh Government’s delivery of its environmental objectives and obligations, it is here to stay and I strongly urge all farmers to apply to join the scheme before the deadline passes."

Some of the main improvements are:

  • The value of points and the points limits per option have been increased.
  • Those applicants who select the reduced entry threshold can now achieve their full points if they commit to 100% slurry injection via Option 14.  Applicants who cannot commit to 100% can opt for 75%  slurry injection via Option 14b but will need to select further options to reach their points threshold.
  • Option 8 (continued management of existing streamside corridor) is now available on Woodland.
  • All options introduced as a result of the 2011 Review of Glastir (including the additional  2 metre wide boundary options) are now available to all applicants
  • A relaxation of stocking diary requirements for those who select options 15 and 15B (Grazed permanent pasture with no inputs / or with low inputs).  
  • Land identified as being eligible for options 41A and 41B (open country) can be used to locate alternative eligible management options.
  • Options 19 and 19B (management of lowland marshy grassland with or without grazing) can be used on upland parcels not designated as “open country” so long as all the requirements of the management option can be met.

Applicants should also be aware that the minimum slurry storage capacity indicated within the ‘How to Complete’ section of the 2013 explanatory booklet is incorrect.  The minimum capacity required is 100m3 and not 1000m3 as indicated within the booklet.

Anybody with an interest in joining the scheme who is having difficulty completing the application map, should contact their Divisional Office where help will be available.



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