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Glastir is here to stay

Agriculture Deputy Minister, Alun Davies, has announced that Glastir will remain as the “settled scheme” for Wales until 2020.
Tuesday 03 July 2012

In making the announcement to the National Assembly, Alun Davies made it absolutely clear that there will be no further extended reviews of the scheme and that reduced administration, increased support for farmers and improved communication of the scheme would be delivered with immediate effect.

Alun Davies will make a significant number of changes to the scheme which will streamline application and management of the scheme. In additional to encourage a wider understanding, the names of each element of the Glastir scheme will be simplified. The All-Wales Element of the Glastir name will be abolished and will now simply be known as Glastir - Entry. In future the Targeted Element will simply be known as Glastir – Advanced.

From 2014, the application window will be abolished, so farmers can apply for the scheme at a time that suits them. The application will also become available as an online process.

The Deputy Minister said:

"This has been an overwhelmingly positive exercise. The vast majority of respondents recognised that the approach we are taking with Glastir is the only realistic way of achieving our aim of a financially and environmentally sustainable farming industry in Wales.

"My stock-take has provided a clear direction of travel for Glastir. In total I have accepted 148 of the recommendations gathered over the past few months. I am now providing the political leadership that farmers had the right to expect from the beginning.

"I want farmers not simply to assume that Glastir has nothing to offer them but to access the available information and to speak to my officials. Those farmers who considered joining the scheme at the start and did not do so should certainly come back and look at the changes that we have made to see whether the scheme might now work for them.

"I want to reiterate that Glastir is here to stay and that once all the amendments made as a consequence of my stock-take are built into the scheme there will be no further significant changes and no further reviews.

"I hope that farmers and other land managers will respond positively to the opportunity that Glastir offers them. I hope that all will agree that Wales now has an excellent agri-environmental scheme; one that is fit for purpose and fit for the future."



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