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Make time to read this Christmas

As the Christmas holidays approach, Wales football captain and Swansea City player Ashley Williams has backed a Welsh Government campaign urging parents and carers to make time to read with their children.
Tuesday 27 November 2012

The Welsh Government’s ‘Make time to read’ campaign, which will air on Real Radio from 26th November for two weeks, stresses the importance of taking just 10 minutes every day to read with a child.

The campaign, which is targeted at parents/carers of children aged 5-14,  emphasises that reading should be for enjoyment and doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to just books.

Christmas provides an ideal time for children to discover a wide variety of reading materials such as comics, TV guides, magazines, the internet, cookery books and games.

As part of the campaign Real Radio is offering listeners the chance to win a £50 book voucher every day of the week by entering a quiz on their website.
Backing the campaign, Education Minister, Leighton Andrews said:

“Christmas can be an extremely busy time of year, but taking just a few minutes out of your day to read with a child really will make a difference to their overall reading ability and confidence.

“Parents, carers and grandparents all have an important role to play here, and with the festive period almost upon us, I would encourage families to spend as much time as they can reading together. Books, websites, comics, magazines or games all count as suitable reading materials.

“I’d like to thank Real Radio and Ashley for supporting our campaign, and would encourage our young people, their parents and carers to act on its message and make time to read this Christmas.”

Ashley Williams said:

"Spending just 10 minutes a day to read with your child will make a difference.

“I always make time to read, whether it's a book or checking out the latest football news in a newspaper.

“It's important that we show children that reading can be fun. Comics, websites and even football programmes all count and can help make your child a better reader.

“Just 10 minutes every day really will help take them places, so let's all do our bit and make time to read."



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