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Change4Life during the summer holidays

Across Wales, personalised action plans to help families Change4Life are hitting door mats in time for the summer holidays. The Change4Life campaign helps families eat well, move more and live longer by providing fun, practical ideas to address their eating and exercise habits.
Monday 19 July 2010

Over 14,500 families have signed up to receive free personalised action plans and regular packs full of ideas, tips and advice on how to get them and their children doing more physical activity and eating more healthily.

Families who have yet to join the scheme can visit the Change4Life website for lots of fun ideas to be more active and eat healthily.

The site includes handy hints and tips on keeping children busy during the holidays. There are lots of simple suggestions, such as how to make a treasure hunt, play simple outdoor games or build an indoor secret den. The site also provides practical guidance for parents including how to introduce a ‘2 hours max’ of TV time a day, as well as healthy recipes such as one for a refreshing frozenana.

The campaign was launched in March by Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Jewell. The Minister said:

“Change4Life is a long term commitment to the people of Wales with two simple objectives: to get children taking 5 x 60 minutes of physical activity a week and for people to be aware of their diet.

“The Welsh Assembly Government launched this campaign to provide practical advice and support to families across Wales.  It’s very encouraging to have such a positive response to this campaign with more than 14,500 families already signing up for information.”

Dr Jewell said:

“Change4Life gives us all an opportunity to make one or two changes in our lifestyle to improve our health.

“Wales has amongst the highest levels of overweight school-age children in Europe and North American countries. By signing up to Change4Life families receive tailored practical advice and support to help improve the health of the family and to safeguard the future health of the children.”

Over 600 organisations who work with children or families have also signed up to the campaign as supporters. They can access materials, logos and branding that will help them talk to families about eating and activity levels. They will also be given ideas and support on how to help families become healthier.

ASDA is a supporter of Change4Life and during the summer holiday will be distributing ‘fun wheels’ at selected stores. Children spin one of these wheels and then take part in the fun physical activity it chooses for them.

The Minister said:

“We want organisations that deal with families to sign up and promote Change4Life so that families hear simple and consistent advice about healthy eating and physical activity. I am delighted that over 6000 organisations have already joined us. We want to create a healthier, happier Wales.”



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