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Assembly bills

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The Welsh Government may introduce bills into the Assembly, subject to the requirement of standing orders.

Assembly members, Assembly committees and the Assembly Commission may also introduce bills.

National Assembly for Wales

Once a bill is introduced into the Assembly it undergoes scrutiny. This is generally a 4 stage process:

  • Stage 1 - consideration and agreement of the general principles of the bill
  • Stage 2 - detailed consideration of the bill and any changes by a committee
  • Stage 3 - detailed consideration of the bill and any changes by the Assembly
  • Report stage – an optional stage to make changes (if required)
  • Stage 4 – a vote by the Assembly to pass the final text of the bill.

Further information on the Assembly’s scrutiny process is available on the Assembly’s Guide to the Legislative Process.

Progress of Assembly bills

Details of the Welsh Government bills currently being considered by the Assembly.

Title Background to the bill Information on Assembly progress
Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Bill Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Bill
Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill Additional Learning Needs Transformation Programme

Acts of the Assembly

Once Royal Assent is given, a bill becomes an act of the Assembly. The act may include powers for the Welsh Ministers to make subordinate legislation (for example, regulations and orders) to give further details of how the law is to be applied.

Title Background to the act Information on Assembly scrutiny
Landfill Disposals Tax (Wales) Act 2017 Landfill Disposals Tax
Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017 Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017
Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 Public Health (Wales) Bill
Land Transaction Tax and Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes (Wales) Act 2017 Land Transaction Tax

The Legislation Handbook on Assembly Bills is internal guidance for the Welsh Government Civil Service. It covers the processes and procedures involved in preparing primary legislation and supporting ministers to take it through the National Assembly for Wales.

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