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Full report (353 pages)(.pdf 2,201KB)   

Summary (English) (.pdf 1,068KB)
Summary (Welsh) (.pdf 1,136KB)

Chairman’s press statement (.pdf 650KB)

Expenditure statement (.pdf 19KB)

Individual Parts of the Report by Chapter

Cover, map and foreword (5 pages)(.pdf 697KB)
Contents (1 page)(.pdf 24KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (4 pages)(.pdf 33KB)
Chapter 2: The Inquiry (5 pages)(.pdf 35KB)
Chapter 3: E.coli O157 (6 pages)(.pdf 43KB)
Chapter 4: The Context for the Outbreak (15 pages)(.pdf 68KB)
Chapter 5: The Outbreak (10 pages)(.pdf 59KB)
Chapter 6: John Tudor & Son: The Business at the Centre of the Outbreak (27 pages)(.pdf 103KB)
Chapter 7: The Inspection of John Tudor & Son by Officers of Bridgend County Borough Council (63 pages)(.pdf 221KB)
Chapter 8: The Audit of Bridgend’s Food Law Enforcement Service by the Food Standards Agency   (20 pages)(.pdf 83KB)
Chapter 9: The Inspection of J.E. Tudor & Sons Ltd Abattoir by the Meat Hygiene Service (38 pages)(.pdf 146KB)
Chapter 10: The Procurement of Meat for School Meals (18 pages)(.pdf 74KB)
Chapter 11: The Control and Management of the Outbreak (22 pages)(.pdf 92KB)
Chapter 12: Communications and Local Health Boards (7 pages)(.pdf 44KB)
Chapter 13: Schools and Hygiene (12 pages)(.pdf 57KB)
Chapter 14: Mason Jones (8 pages)(.pdf 49KB)
Chapter 15: The Treatment and Care of Serious Cases of Infection (25 pages)(96KB)
Chapter 16: The Chief Medical Officer’s Review (7 pages)(.pdf 41KB)
Chapter 17: Conclusions (11 pages)(58KB)
Chapter 18: Recommendations (13 pages)(66KB)
Appendices (11 pages)(.pdf 544KB)