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Procedures and Protocols

Procedures and Protocols

Procedures Document


The Procedures Document, which was published on the day of the Inquiry’s Preliminary Hearing (27 June 2006), described how the Inquiry would be conducted. It provided information on procedures generally and specific aspects including participants, written and oral evidence, confidentiality, and legal representation.


A copy of the Inquiry's Procedures document can be found here (MS Word 84Kb)


Witness Statement Protocol


The purpose of the protocol was to ensure that witness statements conformed to a common standard and were supplied to the Inquiry in a format which enabled the Inquiry readily to ascertain the matters to which the statement related. The Protocol was to be read in conjunction with the Inquiry Procedures document.

A copy of the Inquiry's Witness Statement Protocol can be found here (MS Word 50Kb)

Costs Protocol


The Costs Protocol was a companion document to the Procedures Document. It explained how an application could be made for an award from public funds for expenses incurred in respect of legal representation. The Protocol described the general principles that applied to such awards and how, following the decision to make an award, a person’s legal costs would be assessed.


A copy of the Inquiry's Costs Protocol can be found here (MS Word 88Kb)


Loss of Earnings and Travel and Subsistence Expenses:
Guidance for Witnesses

This document provided guidance on applications for awards for compensation for loss of earnings and/or reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses for persons asked to attend the Inquiry.


A copy of the Loss of Earnings and Travel and Subsistence Expenses Protocol can be found here (MS Word 52Kb).


Closing Submissions


This document provided guidance for core participants and, where applicable any witnesses separately represented, for closing submissions.


A copy of the Closing Submissions Protocol can be found here (MS Word 61Kb).