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The Inquiry collected a substantial volume of evidence including written statements from witnesses and an extensive range of documents, records and other evidence as source material for its investigation.

Relevant evidence is organised under a number of key themes, which reflect the issues being investigated.

John Tudor & Son (Bridgend), the butcher at the centre of the Outbreak

Witness Statements (pdf 23KB) 

Source Material (pdf 28KB)

The inspections of John Tudor & Son (Bridgend) by Environmental Health Officers from Bridgend County Borough Council

Witness Statements (pdf 30KB)

Source Material (pdf 23KB)

The procurement of food from John Tudor & Son (Bridgend) by local authorities

Witness Statements (pdf 38KB)

Source Material (pdf 26KB)

The inspections of J.E. Tudor & Sons Limited (Treorchy), a separate business, by the Meat Hygiene Service

Witness Statements (pdf 28KB)

Source Material (pdf 23KB)

The role of the Food Standards Agency

Witness Statements (pdf 23KB)

Source Material (pdf 26KB)

Local Education Authorities and schools involved in the outbreak

Witness Statements (pdf 69KB)

Source Material (pdf 25KB)

The overall management and control of the outbreak, including communications with the public

Witness Statements (pdf 33KB)

Source Material (pdf 27KB)

The treatment and care of those affected, including Mason Jones

Witness Statements and Source Material of selected cases (pdf 26KB) 

Issues relevant to the Welsh Assembly Government

Witness Statements (pdf 27KB)

Source Material (pdf 26KB)