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Hearings and Evidence

Hearings and Evidence

The Inquiry held its Preliminary Hearing on Tuesday, 27th June 2006.  A full transcript of proceedings at the Preliminary Hearing can be found here.


The Inquiry obtained a substantial volume of evidence during the course of its investigation. Relevant evidence has been published to this site.


The Inquiry took a significant amount of additional evidence in public through its programme of oral hearings, which started on Tuesday 12 February 2008 and concluded on Wednesday 19 March 2008. Full transcripts of each day's proceedings can be accessed here.


Participants had the opportunity to make closing submissions before another hearing, which took place on Wednesday, 14 May 2008. At the Hearing, Counsel for each participant made a closing statement highlighting the key points of their submission. Copies of Closing Submissions are available here (.pdf 35KB). A copy of the transcript of proceedings is available here (.doc 459KB).


What was the purpose of the hearings?


The purpose of the hearings was to assist the Inquiry in areas where facts were not clear or where there was controversy. They helped to clarify or expand certain matters, or provided an opportunity to test the accuracy or reliability of evidence.

The hearings gave witnesses an opportunity to address matters raised by other witnesses or in documents that were relevant to evidence that he or she provided to the Inquiry. They also provided an opportunity to respond to potential criticisms to which he or she may be subject in the Inquiry’s final report.

The fact that certain evidence was not dealt with at the hearings did not mean that it was regarded as irrelevant or that it was being afforded less weight by the Inquiry. The Inquiry considered all evidence it received. A substantial amount of additional written evidence was also received during the hearings.


What else did the hearings achieve?

The hearings ensured that core participants were able to participate in the Inquiry process and that individuals who were not designated as core participants were given a fair opportunity to give their evidence.

Importantly, the hearings ensured that the public was informed of significant issues in the Inquiry’s investigation.


Emerging issues


The Inquiry obtained a large amount of evidence on circumstances that led to the Outbreak. To assist Professor Pennington to consider his recommendations, participants in the Inquiry were asked to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information of any changes made to systems and procedures since the Outbreak and any planned developments. The Inquiry also accepted submissions from others who wished to contribute to this part of the Inquiry's work.


To help people to focus on issues of particular interest to Professor Pennington, a Note of Emerging Issues was prepared. A copy of the Note of Emerging Issues can be found here (.doc 76KB).  Copies of the responses to the Note of Emerging Issues can be found here (.doc 266KB).




The hearings were held in Crickhowell House, Pierhead Street, Cardiff Bay (Map)


Witnesses who gave live evidence


A list of the names of witnesses who gave live evidence during the hearings, can be found here.