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M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures Magor to Castleton (M4 CEM) - Easing the Flow

The Welsh Government is consulting on its approach to solving transport related problems affecting the M4 Corridor area around Newport in South East Wales.
Start of consultation: 06/03/2012
End of consultation: 06/07/2012

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People using the M4 Corridor and the surrounding highway network are aware of the congestion and potential hazards that result from the large number of vehicles using the M4. At peak times the volume of traffic is greater than the road was designed to accommodate. Travellers also notice the disruption caused by unexpected events and incidents. It can take considerable time following an incident before traffic flows normally again; this tells us the resilience of the M4 and surrounding highway network needs to be improved.

The dialogue with people who use and manage the transport network and/or access services in the M4 Corridor between Magor and Castleton, began over a year ago, and has already influenced what is presented as part of this Consultation. If you have been part of helping us shape the M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures Programme, thank you!

Transport and access to services, homes, work and leisure are issues affecting us all, and we hope that anyone living, working and travelling through the Newport area will participate in this Consultation.

To view the consultation document and respond to the consultation electronically, please visit the M4 CEM Consultation website.

For more information about the M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures Programme, please visit the M4 CEM Project website.