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Draft Road Safety Delivery Plan

This consultation is about the Welsh Government's strategic approach to road safety to 2020, and the actions we believe will best support road casualty reduction.
Start of consultation: 20/09/2012
End of consultation: 13/12/2012

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Any death or serious injury on Welsh roads should be avoidable. Nobody should assume that such incidents are an inevitable consequence of road transport, and all members of society have a contribution to make to reduce the likelihood of road traffic collisions. Each collision can potentially have tragic consequences for those involved and their families, and the economic impact is also well documented .

The Welsh Government is committed to improving road safety and reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on Welsh roads.

There has been a great deal of progress in road safety in recent years, with the number of people killed and seriously injured falling considerably. We can all take pride in the fact that Welsh roads are amongst the safest in the world. However, we must avoid complacency and recognise that there is significant scope for further improvements.

We have developed this consultation and draft Road Safety Delivery Plan with the assistance of partners - taking their views on board and drawing on their expertise. We want this document to help all partners to deliver effective road safety interventions and target the right areas, in the right way, to reduce deaths and serious injuries in particular.