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Consultation on Active Travel (Wales) Bill

These proposals are aimed at enabling more people to walk and cycle and generally travel by more active methods.
Start of consultation: 09/05/2012
End of consultation: 14/08/2012

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We want to make walking and cycling the most natural and normal way of getting about. We want to do this so that more people can experience the health benefits; we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; and we can help address poverty and disadvantage. At the same time, we want to help our economy to grow, and take steps to unlock sustainable economic growth. This can be done through more people walking and cycling, as it will reduce congestion, reduce the number of days lost through sickness and support the cycling and tourism industries in Wales.

The White Paper sets out proposals to require Local Authorities in Wales to:

  • identify and map the network of routes within their areas that are safe and appropriate for walking and cycling; 
  • identify and map the enhancements that would be required to create a fully integrated network for walking and cycling and develop a prioritised list of schemes to deliver the network; 
  • deliver an enhanced network subject to budget availability and following due process;
  • consider the potential for enhancing walking and cycling provision in the development of new road schemes.  

Throughout the development of the White Paper, many groups have raised the complexity of the legislation surrounding rights of way and cycle tracks as a major barrier to the provision of new routes. As part of this White Paper consultation, we are seeking views on whether some of the definitions of rights of way should be amended in Wales.

Many of the footpaths regularly used by walkers, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas are of a quality and type which would allow for use by cyclists. There are also a number, particularly in more rural settings, which may be sensibly utilised by other users such as horse riders or carriage drivers.