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Call for evidence: Ensuring the planning system delivers

We want your evidence and views on options for how to deliver the planning system in the future.
Start of consultation: 11/11/2011
End of consultation: 03/02/2012

As part of the evidence base for the Planning Bill due in 2013, an independent advisory group has been set up to review and consider the options on how to deliver the planning system in the future.

The review will look at, and make recommendations about:

  • Options for future deliver of the planning system including a preferred approach;
  • The legislation and policy guidance necessary to introduce the options and preferred approach;
  • An assessment of the resources necessary to deliver the options and preferred approach – this will include staff numbers and costs; and
  • Improvements that can be implemented quickly and easily.

We welcome views on:

  • The key policy objectives that the planning system should deliver;
  • How can we deliver the planning system most effectively, and how can we measure it;
  • The current delivery mechanisms and institutional arrangements;  and
  • Any other evidence or examples that you think are relevant.

Consultation responses

We received 110 responses to this consultation. These responses are available on CD on request. To request a copy of the responses, please email