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Draft Statutory Guidance from the Local Government Measure 2011

Consultation on the draft statutory guidance issued under sections 6(1), 7(4), 16(2), 56(6), 62(4), 63, 75(2)(a), 76(1)(a), and 85(1) of the Measure.
Start of consultation: 03/02/2012
End of consultation: 30/03/2012

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The Local Government Measure 2011 introduces new duties and powers in the fields of promoting and support membership of local authorities, local authority democratic services, local authority functions, overview and scrutiny committees and audit committees. It provides powers for Welsh Ministers to issue guidance to which local authorities must have regard.

What does the draft Statutory Guidance cover?

The Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 (“the Measure”) was given Royal Assent on 10th May 2011.  The Measure aims to:

  • broaden and increase participation in local government by removing barriers and disincentives to standing for election to local authorities;
  • enable the review and improvement of the governance structures introduced through the Local Government Act 2000 so that they better suit the circumstances of local government in Wales;
  • enhance the role of non-executive members of local authorities in the scrutiny of local services;
  • develop and strengthen the role of community councils in Wales, including enabling them to deliver a wider range of services and actions locally as well as to increase the effectiveness of their representational role and their ability to work in partnership with other bodies;
  • reform the system for setting allowances for councillors;
  • allow the Welsh Ministers to issue statutory guidance on collaboration between local authorities, and between them and other bodies and to amalgamate up to three local authorities by order.

Within the Measure, Welsh Ministers have power to issue statutory guidance on the new duties and powers contained within the Measure and on some local authority activities.  Local authorities must have regard to this statutory guidance.

This consultation is on the draft statutory guidance issued under the following sections of the Measure:

  • Section 6 (1) Guidance in relation to timing of council meetings;
  • Section 7(4) Guidance in relation to training and development of members of a local authority;
  • Section 16 (2) Guidance in relation to the discharge of functions by the democratic services committee;
  • Section 56 (6) Guidance in relation to exercise of functions by councillors;
  • Section 62 (4) Guidance in relation to taking account the views of the public;
  • Section 63: Reference of matters to overview and scrutiny committee: councillor call for action
  • Section 75 (2)(a) Guidance in relation to appointment of committee chairs;
  • Section 76 (1)(a) Guidance in relation to co-option; and
  • Section 85 (1) Guidance in relation to audit committees.