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Designated Persons Order (Number 1)

This consultation paper is seeking views on the proposed list of public service providers to be included in the Designated Persons Order (No 1) under section 61 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011.
Start of consultation: 29/08/2013
End of consultation: 21/11/2013

It also seeks views on whether additional organisations which delver public services should be designated, either in the initial phase of implementation, or under a future Order.

Background to this consultation

Chapter Two of Programme for Government sets out the Welsh Government's approach to public service reform. Central to these reforms is strong democratic accountability as a vital means of ensuring the views and needs of people are put at the heart of improving service quality. Good scrutiny is essential to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service delivery, including delivery through ever-increasing collaboration between those organisations which deliver public services.

Scrutiny of the way public services work together as a whole will provide effective challenge to, and governance of, collaborative projects. The development of local scrutiny capability and capacity to deliver wider public service scrutiny is currently supported by the Welsh Government in a number of ways, including through the third phase of the Scrutiny Development Fund; through our work with the Centre for Public Scrutiny  (CfPS); and through a programme of research into the current delivery of collaborative scrutiny.

The Welsh Government believes that cross public service collaborative projects should be scrutinised and this will be essential to ensure and promote shared responsibility and delivery, and maintain a clear line of accountability.