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Council Tax and Long-Term Empty Homes in Wales

This consultation seeks views on the proposal to seek further powers for Welsh Ministers to amend legislation to allow local authorities the discretion to charge additional council tax on long-term empty domestic properties in Wales.
Start of consultation: 31/07/2012
End of consultation: 20/10/2012


The Welsh Government is very concerned about the supply of good quality, affordable housing in Wales being insufficient to meet demand. We have recently published Homes for Wales: A White Paper for Better Lives and Communities which sets out proposals for new legislation and other, non-legislative action that might be taken to assist the housing situation in Wales.

A key feature of these proposals is how to bring unoccupied and empty properties back into use. We are considering all available options, including the use of council tax, to assist in bringing this about.


This consultation sets out the policy and operational considerations related to developing legislation that will extend the discretion available to local authorities in the council tax they can apply to those properties deemed to have been empty for a long period of time. It also considers the expectations as to how such additional discretionary powers for local authorities could operate in practice. The document asks for the views of local authorities, advisory groups, representative bodies, the third sector, and others who might be affected by these changes to help us identify the best approach.

There are a number of specific questions but your views are welcomed on all aspects of the proposed approach set out in this document.