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Public Health White Paper

The ‘Listening to you – Your health matters’ White Paper sets out a series of proposals for legislation to help further improve and protect people’s health and wellbeing in Wales.
Start of consultation: 02/04/2014
End of consultation: 24/06/2014

The proposals cover a range of public health issues, including action to reduce the harms to health caused by smoking, alcohol misuse and obesity. They provide a set of practical actions which, when combined, aim to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing in Wales.

We published a Green Paper in 2012 on the need for a Public Health Bill, which showed broad support for legislation to further improve health and wellbeing. This White Paper builds on that and outlines how we are responding to the main messages received, both through the proposals in this White Paper and the Future Generations Bill.

The White Paper sets out how we will take steps to:

  • improve health over the life course through proposals to address the important public health issues of tobacco, alcohol misuse and obesity;
  • build community assets for health through proposals to strengthen the role of Local Health Boards when planning and delivering pharmaceutical services, and to improve provision and access to toilets for public use; and
  • improve the regulation of certain types of procedures such as cosmetic piercing and tattooing.

Public Health White Paper engagement events were held across Wales during the consultation period.

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