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UK influenza pandemic preparedness strategy

This consultation is running across all devolved administrations and UK Government. The proposed strategy will update the 2007 National Framework in the light of experience from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.
Start of consultation: 22/03/2011
End of consultation: 17/06/2011

This includes the findings of the Independent Review chaired by former Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dame Deirdre Hine, and the latest scientific evidence.

Given the uncertainty about the scale, severity and pattern of development of any future pandemic, three principles underpin the strategy. These are to ensure that our response is: 

  • precautionary, 
  • proportionate and 
  • flexible.

The strategy will enable a consistent UK-wide approach. It will allow for flexibility and agility to take account of local patterns of spread of infection and different healthcare systems in the four countries.

The consultation runs until 17 June 2011. A finalised strategy will be published later this year.