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Approach to the development of a national outcomes framework for Social Services in Wales

We are seeking your views on our plans to transform social services in Wales.
Start of consultation: 12/11/2012
End of consultation: 04/02/2013

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This consultation sets out our proposals for the next three years.  The framework gives us the means to describe and measure the well-being of people who need care and support. The framework will describe and measure well-being using a number of outcome statements which focus on the individual. These statements are the key areas where social services can make a difference to people and their lives.

The framework will include:

  • organisations contributions to improving outcomes for people who need social services;
  • quality standards for services which tell users what they can expect from the service;
  • outcome measures which measure the well-being of people who need social services;
  • performance measures which measure how organisations are contributing to the outcomes of the people who use their services.