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Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill

Start of consultation: 12/03/2012
End of consultation: 01/06/2012

We are committed to promoting high quality, responsive, citizen centered social care services.

The proposed Social Services (Wales) Bill will provide us with the legislation required to take forward the change programme outlined in the Welsh Government’s white paper, 'Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action'.

It will also provide, for the first time, a coherent legislative framework for social services in Wales. This consultation sets out our legislative proposals for the Social Services (Wales) Bill in the following areas:

  • maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of people in need;
  • giving citizens a stronger voice and real control;
  • ensuring a strong national direction and local accountability for delivery;
  • safeguarding and protection;
  • regulation and inspection; and
  • adoption and transitions for disabled children and young people.