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Site waste management plans

We want your views on the proposals to make Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) a legal requirement for construction and demolition (C&D) projects in Wales.
Start of consultation: 31/01/2013
End of consultation: 25/04/2013

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We want your comments on:
  • the scope
  • content
  • enforcement of Site Waste Management Plan (SWMPs)

A Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is a plan to help clients, developers and contractors in the C&D sector think before the start of a project about the waste that will be produced, how to reduce the waste and plan to sustainably manage waste that does arise.

These plans are one of the actions in our Construction and Demolition Sector Plan.

How will site waste management plans help?

Dealing with the problem on waste and improving its management is a high priority for us. 
Making SWMPs a legal requirement will help us to:
  • tackle the large volume of waste sent to landfill that is generated by the C&D sector
  • help improve recycling and re-use in the C&D sector
  • address the number of illegal waste sites in Wales
  • help tackle the number of fly-tipping incidents
  • improve how hazardous waste is managed in Wales
  • reduce pollution incidents involving C&D waste
  • innovate the industry by developing new ways of working involving waste
  • improve material efficiency and reduce the sector’s carbon footprint
  • help the C&D sector meet European waste requirements on waste prevention.
We have set out more detail about the waste produced by the C&D sector in section 1 of the Evidence and Supporting Information document. This builds a picture of why we need site waste management plan regulations in Wales.