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A Review of the Management of Cockle Fisheries in Wales

Cockle fisheries occur throughout the coastline of Wales and in certain estuarial locations can be of considerable scale.
Start of consultation: 18/07/2012
End of consultation: 10/10/2012

These fisheries have contributed to the heritage of Wales for generations.  In modern times their economic importance has increased forming an important contribution to the fishing industry.

It is imperative that the management of Welsh cockle fisheries maximises all benefits that are to be obtained in a sustainable manner.  In addition, it must seek to minimise the potential negative impacts on local communities and the environment.

Therefore in order to secure these objectives, Welsh Government is seeking your views on introducing a new management scheme for cockle fisheries in Wales.  We welcome your comments on the proposal in order to ensure effective management for a sustainable fishery for future generations that works with the needs of local communities

The Welsh Government intends to publish a summary of the responses to this document. We may also publish responses in full.  The name/address (or part of the address) of the person/organisation who sent the response are published with the response.  This helps show the consultation was carried out properly.  If you do not want your name or address published, please tell us in writing when you send your response.