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Implementing the Environmental Noise Directive in Wales

We want your views on the proposed quiet areas in large urban areas.
Start of consultation: 13/02/2012
End of consultation: 07/05/2012

We published environmental noise action plans in January 2009 under the Environmental Noise Directive. We then developed procedures for implementing parts of the Directive, including a procedure for the creation of quiet areas in agglomerations (large urban areas). We consulted on this in February 2011 and published the procedure in May 2011.

Proposed quiet areas

Quiet areas must be tranquil areas of value to the local community. The proposed quiet areas can be seen in the attached assessment forms at annexes A, B, C and D. You can also see the first round boundaries in the maps below.  

Once an area is confirmed as an official quiet area, it is protected from increases in noise by the Environmental Noise Directive and planning policy.