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Natural Resources Wales: Draft Welsh Language Scheme

This draft Welsh Language Scheme describes how Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will treat the Welsh and English languages equally.
Start of consultation: 08/01/2013
End of consultation: 05/03/2013

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This scheme will be an interim policy until the introduction of new standards under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011. The scheme will come into force when NRW is created in April 2013 until the introduction of the new Standards. NRW will then prepare and implement a new scheme to comply with the 2011 Measure.

This draft Welsh Language scheme covers:

  • service delivery
  • policy making
  • operations
  • promoting the Welsh Language
  • monitoring and record keeping.


Natural Resources Wales become operational in April 2013. Information on its Welsh Language policy can be found on the Natural Resources Wales website (external link).