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Natural Resources Wales: Enforcement and prosecution policy

Give us your views on the approach that Natural Resources Wales proposes to take to enforcement and the related guidance.
Start of consultation: 17/01/2013
End of consultation: 28/02/2013

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We are creating a new single environmental body called Natural Resources Wales. It will be an environmental regulator and have powers to respond to environmental offences (crimes).

This consultation is about the proposed approach to the enforcement and prosecution policy and guidance. We are not consulting on whether Natural Resources Wales should have civil sanctions powers. This was covered in a consultation in August 2012.

Enforcement and prosecution policy

The Enforcement and Prosecution Policy covers all offences for which Natural Resources Wales will be the responsible enforcing authority. These include those offences which were the responsibility of previous enforcing authorities:

  • the Countryside Council for Wales
  • the Forestry Commission in Wales
  • the Environment Agency in Wales.

Guidance on enforcement and sanctions

The Guidance on Enforcement and Sanctions explains how Natural Resources Wales will: 

  • apply this policy
  • make decisions about our enforcement responses to offences.


Natural Resources Wales become operational in April 2013. Information on its Enforcement and prosecution policy can be found on the Natural Resources Wales website (external link).