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Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) - Potential site options for Welsh waters

This consultation seeks views and information on the 10 potential site options in Welsh waters that have been identified by the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Project Wales.
Start of consultation: 19/04/2012
End of consultation: 31/07/2012

It explains how the potential sites options have been identified and the process that the MCZ Project Wales has followed. The aim is to end up with 3-4 sites for designation, through an iterative, phased consultation process.

This consultation is the first of 3 consultation phases you will have the opportunity to comment on. Please respond either by e-mail or post.

There will also be the opportunity to tell us your views by attending one of the public/sector specific events which will be held during the consultation period. 

Further information regarding the location and timing of these events will be available on this website soon.

We have created a web mapping application to supplement the consultation document. It enables you to navigate the sites and see the ecological basis for the 10 potential site options. The application also allows you to view the potential sites in terms of scale and important habitats present.

Visit: Web mapping application