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A Fly-tipping free Wales

This consultation will help to develop a new fly-tipping strategy for Wales.
Start of consultation: 26/11/2012
End of consultation: 28/02/2013

We are developing a new fly-tipping strategy as the current strategy and the Fly-tipping Action Wales partnership document “Pride in our Communities” ends in 2012.

Fly-tipping is the common term used to describe waste illegally deposited on land. We are committed to tackling fly-tipping. We have funded a 5 year funded programme called Fly-tipping Action Wales. This has had successes but there is still work to be done.

This consultation sets out our new vision for:

A future for Wales that is free from the unacceptable social, economic and environmental harm caused by fly-tipping. A future in which we all work together to take responsibility for our waste and to take pride in our communities.

This consultation identifies some high level outcomes which will give direction to counter future fly-tipping across Wales. These include:

  • all key organisations in Wales commit to eliminating fly-tipping
  • fly-tipping is widely understood as being socially unacceptable
  • it becomes easier for people to deal with their waste responsibly
  • anyone who fly-tips is caught and punished appropriately.

We want your views on this consultation to help us develop a new fly-tipping strategy for Wales.