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Transposition of EU Directive 2009/29/EC revising EU Directive 2003/87/EC: a public consultation

This consultation seeks views on changes to the existing UK regulations implementing the European Union Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in the UK.
Start of consultation: 08/05/2012
End of consultation: 31/07/2012

This is a joint consultation between:

  • The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC);
  • Welsh Government;
  • Scottish Government; and
  • Northern Ireland Executive.

The establishment of EU ETS in 2005 was a major milestone to tackle climate change. It was one of the key policies introduced by the European Union to help meet the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 8% below 1990 levels under the Kyoto Protocol.

We want your views on the draft Statutory Instrument which will replace the 2005 Green House Gas (GHG) Regulations.

We welcome comments on the Statutory Instrument and if the revised Regulations:

  • facilitate the effective implementation of the EU ETS in the UK in line with Government’s legal requirements under EU law;
  • successfully avoid placing unnecessary burdens on operators, regulators and Government;
  • reflect the best available evidence on the costs and benefits of the UK’s proposed policy changes to the EU ETS penalties regime in the UK and the appeals system in England and Wales;
  • simplify the existing regulations or could be further simplified.

We are also asking questions on areas where we have made changes.

More information on this consultation is available on the DECC website.

Visit: Department for Energy and Climate Change (external link)