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Draft Construction and Demolition Sector Plan

This plan covers waste from construction, civil engineering and demolition projects. It aims to prevent and reduce waste and increase recycling from businesses in this sector.
Start of consultation: 08/11/2011
End of consultation: 31/01/2012

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It will do this through:

  • influencing behaviour change;
  • encouraging better ways of working;
  • developing partnerships with the third sector; and
  • legislative controls.

The aims will be addressed from design of products or buildings to demolition, recovery and disposal.

This plan supports Towards Zero Waste, the overarching waste strategy document for Wales. It details the outcomes, policies and actions for these sectors. We welcome views on the consultation document.

We recommend that you read the Sustainability Appraisal below (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment). Other relevant documents which you should consider are the Background documents for Towards Zero Waste, available via the link above:

  • the Health Impact Assessment (HIA);
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA); and
  • the evidence base.