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Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan for Consultation March 2011

We want views on the Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan which covers the management of all waste in Wales. This plan supports ‘Towards Zero Waste’, the overarching waste strategy document for Wales. It does this by detailing outcomes, policies and delivery actions for this sector.
Start of consultation: 10/03/2011
End of consultation: 10/06/2011

These proposals seek to deliver sustainable outcomes. They contribute to the delivery of our commitments and targets.

The consultation document should be read alongside the Sustainability Appraisal.

Other relevant documents which should be considered, include:

  • the Health Impact Assessment (HIA);
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA); and
  • the evidence base.

Current situation

The Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan looks at the current situation for:

  • Preparation for re-use;
  • Recycling of waste in Wales (including composting and anaerobic digestion);
  • Treatment, recovery and disposal of residual waste; and
  • The markets for recyclate (recyclable material) , compost and anaerobic digestion digestate (recycled food waste).

The evidence for change

The plan then looks at the current situation and compares this to what is needed to meet the targets set out in Towards Zero Waste.

The evidence demonstrates that:

  • there are still significant amounts of recyclable material being sent to landfill;
  • collection services for recyclate need to be improved; and
  • markets in Wales for some recyclates are limited.


These proposals aim to ensure, as far as possible, Wales benefits from recycling. The plan seeks to do this by ensuring that clean, high quality recyclate from Wales is processed and used in Wales, as far as possible.

The plan identifies where improvements in recyclate collection are needed and where opportunities to develop infrastructure and recyclate markets exist. The plan should help to development infrastructure by demonstrating such investments are needed.

Costings for the proposals

We commissioned Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to prepare a report on the costings for the proposals in this consultation. They have published this report and a press release on their website.

Visit: press release: Waste and Resources Action Programme website (external link)