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Proposed Amendments to the Commons (Severance of Rights) (Wales) Order 2007/583

We are presenting proposals to revise the Commons (Severance of Rights)(Wales) Order 2007/583. We seek views from land owners, holders of rights of common and other stakeholders in common land.
Start of consultation: 05/09/2011
End of consultation: 25/11/2011

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The Commons (Severance of Rights)(Wales) Order 2007/583 allows leasing of rights of common for a maximum of three years.  This was intended as a temporary measure, to be reviewed in due course.  The consultation asks whether the Order should now be amended, and proposes various options.

Land owners, commoners and other interested parties are asked to give their views on the options for amendment.  

The information you send to us will be published in a summary of responses to this consultation. Normally the names and addresses (or part of them) of their authors are published along with the response. If you do not wish to be identified as the author of your response, please state this clearly when you write or e-mail.