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School term dates: Proposals for reforming how school term dates are set for all maintained schools in Wales

The Welsh Government is seeking views on proposals to reform the way in which school term dates are set.
Start of consultation: 03/09/2012
End of consultation: 26/11/2012

The Welsh Government wants to find ways to help those families who experience problems as a result of variations in school term dates throughout Wales, and therefore school holidays.

Our intention is to harmonise school term dates for all maintained schools in Wales, with variations occurring very occasionally and only where they can be fully justified.

We believe that this can be done through the organisations which currently have responsibility for setting term dates for all maintained schools in Wales working together, so that they agree school term dates on a Wales-wide basis. Where this does not happen, or where there is good reason to think that the school term dates which have been agreed need to be altered, the Government intends to bring forward legislation to enable Welsh Ministers to step in to make sure that appropriate term dates are set.

These proposals for reform are set out in the consultation documentation below.