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Establishment of a Register of Historic Battlefields in Wales

Welsh Ministers propose that Cadw should compile and maintain a nonstatutory Register of Historic Battlefields in Wales. It will comprise a list of battlefields considered to be of national importance, in order to protect our most significant sites for the future. We are seeking your views on a series of questions, to help us develop this proposal into its final format.
Start of consultation: 23/03/2011
End of consultation: 24/06/2011

Historic battles were often iconic events that frequently invoke strong emotions and passions today. The reputations of political and military leaders were often based on success on the battlefield. The locations where battles took place can be significant historic assets. They often retain topographical and archaeological evidence, including war graves, which can increase our understanding of these momentous events. These issues have led to calls for a Register of Historic Battlefields in Wales.

In this document, we are seeking views on Welsh Ministers’ proposed policies for the identification, protection, and management of significant historic battlefields. Establishing a Register of Historic Battlefields in Wales is central to this proposed policy.

This document provides an opportunity for public comment on the proposed principles, definitions, criteria and levels of protection.

Summary of responses