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Programme for Government


The Programme for Government is our plan of action. It represents a real commitment to delivery, measured by the impact government is actually having on people's lives.

Progress report

This final Programme for Government Annual Report of this Assembly term demonstrates a record the whole Welsh public sector can be proud of - a record of delivery for the people of Wales despite tough financial times.

This Programme for Government Report 2015 provides a clear and detailed account of how the Welsh Government and our public service partners are delivering for the people of Wales.


Programme for government

The Programme for Government is our roadmap for this Assembly term. It represents a real commitment to delivery, and a move away from an approach to measuring success that placed too much emphasis on the amount of money spent, or the number of policies implemented, rather than the impact government is actually having on people's lives.

In contrast, this document emphasises the outcomes we are working towards: healthy people living productive lives in a more prosperous and innovative economy; safer and more cohesive communities, with lower levels of poverty and greater equality; a resilient environment with more sustainable use of our natural resources and a society with a vital sense of its own culture and heritage.


Transparency and accountability

This annual report puts transparency and accountability at the heart of what we do as a Government. This is because the people of Wales should know what their Government is doing on their behalf. It is also a self discipline which ensures all parts of the Welsh Government and our partners are focused on delivery.

The report contains a full set of updates on progress made on the commitments set out in our Programme. It includes all the available data for the indicators that measure the delivery of our programmes and for the indicators of the key outcomes.

Comparative data

We have set out our annual report using comparative information wherever possible. This includes UK and wider international comparisons. Where data comes from official statistics the source is clearly identified. Where data is collected as part of the Welsh Government’s normal monitoring of its and its partners’ activity this is clearly stated. The data and its analysis are presented as clearly as possible.