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Tuesday 4 October 2011 - First Minister’s Questions

Eradicating poverty, access to the internet and rail services were on the agenda at today’s First Minister’s Questions.

Full list of oral questions answered.

First Minister Carwyn Jones answered questions on:

  • Eradicating poverty in Wales
  • Employment levels in Wales
  • Agriculture industry
  • South Wales Central region
  • Rail services in North Wales
  • Access to the internet
  • Priorities for Torfaen
  • Support for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Promoting the city regions of Wales
  • Priorities for rural Wales
  • Cross-border issues between local authorities
  • Plans for the economy
  • Train services in Pembrokeshire
  • Impact of changes in housing benefit

Watch First Minister's Questions on Senedd TV or the BBC's Democracy Live.

A full transcript of First Minister's Questions can be found on the National Assembly for Wales site.