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Julie James AM

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Julie James
Biographical details and ministerial responsibilities of the Minister for Skills and Science.

Julie James was born in Swansea but spent significant portions of her youth living around the world with her family. Julie spent her early career in London and then moved back to Swansea with her husband to raise their 3 children and to be closer to her family. Julie is a committed green campaigner, environmentalist and a keen swimmer and skier.

Until she was elected as Assembly Member for Swansea West, Julie was a leading environmental and constitutional lawyer. Prior to this, she was assistant chief executive at Swansea Council. She spent most of her legal career in local government, working as a policy lawyer with the London Borough of Camden before returning to Swansea to work for West Glamorgan County Council and then the City and County of Swansea.

Since being elected Julie sat on the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, Enterprise and Business Committee and Environment and Sustainability Committee. Julie published the ‘Influencing the Modernisation of EU Procurement Policy’ Report as Chair of the Enterprise and Business Committee’s Procurement Task and Finish Group. Julie also sat as Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee’s Common Fisheries Policy Task and Finished Group.

Julie James was appointed Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology in September 2014. In May 2016 Julie was appointed as Minister for Skills and Science.

The Minister for Skills and Science is responsible for:

  • Apprenticeship and Skillbuild policy and delivery
  • Youth and adult employability policy and delivery, including Jobs Growth Wales, Essential Skills for Working Adults and the Skills Gateway
  • Careers Policy and the sponsorship of Careers Choices Dewis Gyrfa (CCDG)
  • Work based learning providers
  • Sector skills including strategies, development funds and the Sector Skills Council
  • Wales Employment and Skills Board and the Commission for Employment and Skills
  • Workforce skills development, including the Wales Union Learning Fund core funding for Wales, TUC education and learning services
  • Core funding for Chwarae Teg
  • European programmes relating to skills and employment, except the EU Structural Funds
  • Simplification and integration of business skills and business development services
  • Science: development of science policy, including day to day liaison with the Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales and the National Science Academy
  • Life Sciences
  • Research and Innovation, including research and development, knowledge transfer and commercialisation; maximising research and innovation incomes; and Research Centres of Excellence
  • Development, retention and attraction of higher level research students for Wales
  • Maximisation of economic benefits of higher education research and development
  • Digital infrastructure, including broadband and mobile
  • Digital service transformation for the Welsh public sector
  • Digital Inclusion.

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