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Ken Skates AM

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Strong, innovative and competitive businesses are essential for the economy of Wales.
We are developing a world-class transport system to provide safe, affordable and sustainable transport for all.
Ken Skates AM
Biographical details and ministerial responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure .

Ken Skates was born in 1976 in Wrexham, educated at Mold Alun School and went on to study Social and Political Science at Cambridge University.

In his free time, Ken enjoys running, swimming, hiking and golf as well as having an interest in gardening, art and architecture. Ken was previously a journalist and assistant to Mark Tami MP.

In 2008, he was elected a community councillor. Ken’s policy interests include manufacturing, mental health, sport and leisure, eliminating poverty and political economy. His political interests include skills training, tourism, environmental protection, mental health, sport and fitness and social inclusion.

In June 2013 Ken Skates was appointed Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology. In September 2014, Ken was appointed Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism. In May 2016 he was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure.

The Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure is responsible for:

  • The provision of support and advice to assist the establishment, growth, modernisation or development of business in Wales
  • The promotion of Wales as a location for business and investment
  • The promotion of Welsh exports
  • Entrepreneurship, enterprise and business information
  • Finance Wales
  • Development Bank
  • Steel
  • Environmental improvements in relation to industrial and commercial developments
  • Economic advisory panels
  • Social enterprise and the social economy
  • Coordination of cross-cutting measures to promote economic opportunity for all (individual Cabinet Secretaries will lead in their respective portolio areas)
  • Management of property assets held with the Economy Development portfolio and supporting the delivery of property infrastructure (sites and premises)
  • National Infrastructure Commission
  • Transport policy, including the development of an integrated transport system in Wales
  • Road safety including provision of safer routes to Schools, transport for children and young people and regulation of pedestrian crossings and on-street parking
  • Road transport, including construction, improvement and maintenance of the motorway and trunk road network in Wales, except those parts of the Second Severn Crossing and the approaches thereto which are situated in Wales (not devolved) (NB. roads other than trunk roads are the responsibility of Local Authorities)
  • Delivery of passenger rail services through the Wales and Borders franchise
  • Funding and administration of programmes to Local Authorities and other bodies designed to deliver a range of transport schemes and services
  • Ports policy
  • Tourism in and to Wales, including the marketing and promotion of Wales as a tourist destination and regulation of the tourism industry
  • Major events
  • Elite sports
  • National strategy and policy for the historic environment in Wales
  • National strategy and policy for culture creativity and the arts, including Creative Wales
  • National Botanic Garden of Wales
  • Non-devolved cultural property legislation and tax relief schemes
  • Oversight of the distribution of Lottery funding within Wales.

Writing to ministers

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