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Cabinet and Ministers

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The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, today announced a reshuffle of his cabinet.
The Cabinet is the main decision-making body of the Welsh Government.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet gives direction to the work of the whole organisation. It discusses matters which engage Ministers collectively, have strategic implications, or impact financially on their programme of work.

The Cabinet has a policy of openness and transparency and publishes its agendas, papers and minutes unless the information is exempt from disclosure.

Counsel General

The Counsel General is the Law Officer for the Welsh Government.

Deputy Ministers

Deputy Ministers are appointed to exercise functions on behalf of Ministers in particular areas of work.

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees consist of relevant Ministers and Deputy Ministers. They can be established to consider strategic policy issues.

The current Welsh Government has not established any Cabinet Committees. The minutes, agendas and papers of Committees and Sub-Committees from previous administrations can be viewed on the National Archives (external link).